May 14, 2020

Fellow Rippers:

This current chart of bitcoin is showing some very promising signs. We are bullish entirely on the cryptocurrency market, but several pump and dumps need to take place still in order for “the masses” to see their $100,000 price targets for #LamboSzn. At the time of writing this article the price of $btc is currently $9,680.79 USD. All of the stars seem to be aligning and I felt the need to come publicly to call this (WAY LONG) for bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Expect massive growth.

Be wary. Trade with caution. You must monitor the flow of “sats” like a hawk.

Thank you to Cryptowatch for having such an awesome platform. Would love to do future write-ups about their software and how beneficial it is to any day trader!

Be safe.

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